Recoating Metal / Decra Tile Roofs


We have specialist trained staff to complete your quality roof chip recoating. This will restore your roof, add value, and significantly extend the life of your metal tile /decra tile roof.


Our process of recoating metal tile roofs consists of:

  • Moss control - to prevent moss and mould growth on the roof

  • Careful waterblast cleaning of the roof - to remove dirt, moss, mould and loose chip

  • Repairs - Repair or replacement of damaged and split tiles, removal of dents, re-nailing of loose tiles

  • Metal Etch-primer coat - applied to your worn and bare metal tile surface

  • Metal/decra chip coat - to bind the old chip surface to the new chip coating application

  • Final colour coat - to bind overall coating system and give a flexible and durable colour coating

  • All work fully guaranteed